For a Good Cause

The unexpected happens to me quite often, and while I’ve gotten better at dealing with it, I still feel slightly shaken sometimes. Case in point:

*phone rings*

Me: “Hello?”
Caller: “Hello! This is X from Y hotel in Z! Do you remember, you once visited my hotel with your father?”

[Dad and I had visited this person’s hotel with the view of operating it. Needless to say, it didn’t work out.]

Me: “Uh.. Oh! Yes, I do remember. How are you?”
Caller: “Good good. Where are you? Still in Z?”
Me: “No, we shifted to Mumbai, two years ago.”
Caller: “How is dad? What is he doing these days?”
Me: “Consultancy, mostly. For projects.”
Caller: “Oh? What projects?”

[Understandably at this point, I thought he wanted to talk to my dad; not me.]

Me: “Can I get dad to call you instead? He’ll be in a better position to explain.”
Caller: “Yeah, sure. So, I am putting up a Gurudwara in Z, and the local newspaper has agreed to do a feature write up on it. Do you think you could edit it? It is for a good cause.”

Translation: do this work free for me.


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