Office Woes #3: Comic Relief

I am fortunate to be quite fond of several of my colleagues. They are irritating boys, for the most part, but nice nevertheless. And their teasing, irritating behaviour is mostly to get a rise or reaction out of me. Case in point:

I was at lunch with one irritating idiot, and two nicer blokes (or so I thought!) One of the latter has the same phone model as me, and I was stunned to see cracks spidering across the screen. So:

Me: “Hey! What happened to your phone?!”
Him: “It is a revolutionary new wallpaper, hyper-realistic. Also, since I decided to up the look by peeling off the glass near the front camera for better visual effects.”
Me: *stink eye*
Irritating idiot: *also has the same model* “My phone falls a lot too. The cover broke entirely once!”
Him: “Mine falls a lot too. This crack is because it fell from a height straight down on the edge.”
Me: “Wait a minute. How come when he asks about your phone, “it fell from a height”, but when I ask, “it is a hyper-realistic wallpaper”?!”

Cue laughter all around.

Not surprised really, because this happens to me a lot. Sigh.


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