Office is Comedy Central

But with Indians and geeks.

Two conversations I was so grateful to be part of, just because they were so funny. For a bit of context, the UI/UX/Design team lead is a character. A REAL character. He has a juvenile sense of humour, is politically incorrect and inappropriate on purpose, is very moody, but is generally a nice dude who is completely hilarious on several occasions.

Conversation 1:

Design team’s second-in-command and I were discussing a new page that has to be added to the site. I have frequently commented, in the past, on his striking similarity to the team lead I described before. He doesn’t like it much, but can’t really deny it. So, to spare his feelings, I use various cartoon characterisations to refer to their relationship. My favourite is Gru and his minions. On this occasion though, I called him a young padawan. And so..

Chief minion: “Oh, so that makes him Obi-wan?”
*We are then joined by another colleague, who is very dedicated and seems to take pleasure in just work and study.*
Very driven colleague: “What is OB1? Operational Behaviour 1?”
Me: “Dear Lord. Haven’t you ever heard of Star Wars? I mean, judging by that response, you certainly haven’t watched the movies!”
Very driven colleague: “Oh. Is that the one where they fight with tubelights?”

Conversation 2:

Again, the team lead of Design is involved here. We were standing around in the pantry, while he was describing a monster hangover from the night before. We were joined by another colleague, whose birthday it was the previous day.

Design TL: “So what did you do for your birthday?”
Colleague, who birthday was the day before: *shakes his head, as he didn’t hear the question*
Design TL: “You moved your head around? That’s a weird thing to do.”

I’m already trying not to laugh at this ridiculous scene, so I stay mum.

Colleague, who birthday was the day before: “Um no. I was trying to say that I didn’t hear what you said!”
Design TL: “So what did you do for your birthday?”
Colleague, who birthday was the day before: “I stayed here (in office) till 10.”
Design TL: “You stayed in a tent.”

Clearly someone wasn’t firing on all cylinders. I wish I could’ve stayed longer, but I was laughing too hard.


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