Mixed Metaphors

Speaking to my mother usually yields a few giggles when she’s in a good mood, because she has an incredibly silly sense of humour. Today was a good day because:

  1. She was describing a dessert concoction she had made in the morning, and I commented that it sounded revolting. So she sniffed a little (a technique she frequently uses to cover up that she’s trying not to laugh) and said, “It is like casting pearls before a monkey.” This is a horrible mashup of two metaphors from two languages: the first one being ‘casting pearls before swine’ from English, and the second being ‘bandar kya jaane adrak ka swadh‘ from Hindi, meaning ‘what does a monkey know about the taste of ginger’. Apparently, she didn’t want to call me swine. Go figure.
  2. I made a batch of honey-roasted peanuts yesterday, and have been asking my wretched parents to tell me how they have turned out since. My mother finally got fed up and says, “Wait. I’ll feed the peanuts to the monkey, and let you know.” My poor father has the starring role as the ‘monkey’, as he was known as Monkey Mohan when he was little.

Giggles all around.


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