On Being Opinionated and Judgemental

So I have opinions, just like everyone else. Shocker. However, I am not overly critical (in my opinion – Ha!). I cannot nitpick a movie or a book, unless stuff is glaringly bad. I sometimes love stuff that is considered cheesy or terrible by those who know better, and that’s mainly because it manages to evoke emotions. I sometimes don’t know the racist tropes because I live in India, and Hollywood movies are, well, just movies.

What I am trying to say is that I generally take stuff at face value. Unless it talks about India and Indians, in which case, I will become super critical and incisive, because I identify with that diaspora.

Finally, as you may have realised from the paragraphs above, I do not promise to be absolute or consistent. I may love a movie today, read a Cracked article picking it to pieces tomorrow, and hate it thereafter. So I would like to stress that these are my opinions. Feel free to ignore or applaud as you wish, but please do not leave vitriol in the comments. If you disagree with my views, please do write in and tell me, but don’t attack me or my statements. I am very open to changing my views when shown a better perspective I had been hitherto unaware of. I do admire logic and not afraid of saying I was wrong. But please, be nice.

So without further ado (and disclaimers), I am finally going to start posting reviews on my blog. I will create a new section right on top, and take it from there. Bear with me, while I find my feet. I don’t have time to plan stuff out, so when I have a moment, I jump in with both feet and tweak away later.



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