Spoiler Alert

Once upon a time, it was a dream of mine to make movies. I think it stemmed from a love of stories, and also from being enthralled with them from a very young age. I was an only child, with working parents and few friends. Movies and books, with their colourful fictional characters, made me less lonely.

I have never been the go-getter type, powering through obstacles to find (if not pave) my way. My natural timidity precluded the aggression required to take that path, and I needed guidance. However, with a social structure that construed of mostly engineers, doctors, lawyers and chartered accountants, the path was far from clear. Anyway, I digress; my point is that I love stories.

I am not a good critic of stories. I cannot see tropes, patterns, or cliches. I sometimes sense, rather than see, metaphors and layers in storytelling. I enjoy lighthearted fare, even if it isn’t groundbreaking or gritty. Side note: gritty is not a trend I can understand easily. That being said, I can see certain storytelling devices, and I’ve later learned to recognise other patterns.

The reason I am waffling on about my love of stories and so on, is to explain why I detest the concept of a ‘spoiler alert’. The sheer outrage that pours forth when the climax is revealed to someone, before they’ve had a chance to experience it firsthand through the intended lens of the oeuvre’s creator. Oh what a tragedy. How will they ever recover from such a grievous wound?

I understand that a good movie director plans the way that the audience learns the story. That any work of art is carefully executed, considering the exposition minutely. Christopher Nolan’s movies spring immediately to mind, about the way he developed The Prestige or Memento. That was exquisite moviemaking. However, with the Memento, knowing about the twist at the end wouldn’t have materially changed the way I perceived the movie. It was still brilliant. The Prestige was slightly different, but since my mother has a twin, I guessed the twist early in the movie.

It is impossible to escape spoilers on the Internet. People, like me, would love to discuss how a movie or book left us feeling, and I would rather not be on the receiving end of vitriol because of it!


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