Office Woes #7: Hating on HR

I knew my office was special, but this “no politics” business has given way to open warfare:

New guy joins our table, brought in by the HR. He is sitting next to another member of his team.

Another colleague, who usually sits there swoops in, and asks them whether they are sitting together for training. They say no, and immediately new guy bounces out of the chair and asks whether he’s inadvertently taken the other colleague’s seat.

On hearing that he has, the new guy apologises saying HR brought him there.

Colleague: “HR is fucking stupid!”

The other team member and I are a little taken aback, and laughing a little because, hello, new guy! Seeing this, colleague goes: “She has one job, which she manages to fuck up!”

Interestingly HR sits at the next table, within full earshot of us. And the ‘she’ in this little story? The Head of HR Division.


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