A Hiatus and a Return

As always, I am berating myself for not making the effort to update my blog regularly. Never mind that I don’t actually have readers; the idea of this blog was to kickstart my dormant writing habit, and perhaps bring the flow back.

Funnily enough though, ever since I started freelancing again, the words do flow with considerable ease. I put it down to the necessity of communicating ideas and concepts, project proposals, and much more to clients and collaborators. The other day I was forced to draft a difficult email, where a client had changed their mind about an illustrator I had hired. She had only presented exceptional work, but they felt that her contributions did not justify hiring her. She was in the process of reworking their existing illustrations, and they felt that going back to the original illustrator made more sense. I differed considerably, because the existing work was appalling and shoddy.

The difficult email wasn’t to the illustrator, but to the client. I had to reiterate that the rework was in our original discussion, and, because I am paranoid about situations like this, in our email correspondence and the contract. I exhorted in the nicest possible terms that getting rid of her services, while entirely their call, was a huge mistake. I was also firm that it would be wasted money for them, as they would have to pay her regardless of whether they used her work.

During this entire episode, the illustrator was blissfully unaware of the battle I was waging on her behalf. And so it should be. Advocacy works best when it isn’t direct.

Writing copious emails has awakened the writing fervour, so writer’s block isn’t my excuse this time. It was the lack of energy and time. Getting back into freelancing seemed attractive, just after I left my job, but I had conveniently forgotten the gargantuan administration that accompanies successful and profitable enterprise. I have been on the phone with lawyers, accountants, designers, developers, clients, telecommunications people, and many more as a result. Add to that, my presence at home enables my mother to get her work done as well, and my cup runneth over.

It has taken me over a month to implement a system where I don’t go completely insane with the myriad things I am supposed to do. Maintaining a blog in the midst of all that seemed a ludicrous fantasy at best, and the ravings of a lunatic.

However, to-do lists have saved my bacon, and here I am again. Hopefully to stay this time.


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