My office was a funny place to work, and I had a love-hate relationship with my job. I loved my colleagues (most of them, anyway), the comfortable office, my salary, the two-day weekend, and so much more. I hated the arbitrary policies, the ineffectual management, the tendency to micromanage, and SO much more. But, I had decided to stick it out for the time being, and not be goaded into an impulsive resignation. As of June 2016, I had been there two years and seven months.

And then I was goaded into resigning.

One fine afternoon, I was asked to step in for a meeting with my team lead, a new import from the US. He asked me how everything was going, and we started talking about work. Somewhere during this increasingly heated debate (heated from my side), he said: “Content doesn’t seem to be working out for you. Is there any other team you would like to move to instead?”

To say I was taken aback by this salvo is an understatement. To recap, I was the whole Content team in my organisation for my entire tenure, barring two separate short-lived stints, when I briefly had a team member. To be told, albeit in a roundabout way, that my work was not up to standard was a rude shock. I have a short fuse at the best of times, and I had controlled my temper magnificently during office hours, but this lit my fuse well and good. I let rip. I didn’t shout, but the fellow wasn’t left in any doubt about the incompetence, micromanagement, and sheer audacity I have endured over my time there. I tendered a verbal resignation then and there, but refused to put it in writing till I met one of the founders – the person I was reporting to before this import came in.

The next day, I did meet the boss. And he negated the attack on my work, saying that they were restructuring, and that Content ideally forms a part of the marketing team. Since there was no ETA on that happening any time soon, there was no work for Content – a fact that I had mentioned several times. (I’m not used to sitting idle.) The boss then proceeded to offer me another role in a new team, Customer Success Team, which was a growth spurt from the existing Sales support team. I said I would think about it, and went to give my mom the news.

After calming down enough to stop shaking and a quick pow-wow with mom, I went back to him and accepted the change of role. I didn’t want to leave because of someone else’s impetus. However, the boss then said that the import wanted that day to be my last, and that I would have to rejoin the company when they set up the team.

No. Just no.

I packed up my things, told the HR I would be in the following Monday to hand in my laptop, and walked out. On good terms, certainly, but I refused to join this new team. I was done.

Almost two months later, I know that the import manoeuvred me out, with the full blessing of the boss. I bear no grudges, but my sudden exit sent shockwaves through the company. Remember what I said before about my colleagues being friends? Yeah, this didn’t go down well at all.


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