A Spring-Summer Connection #1

Between 1999 and 2001, I did my A-level at a sixth form college in England. I stayed as a paying guest in three homes during my two year stint there, and the subject of this series of posts was the owner of the second house.

To begin, when I moved into the spare bedroom, he owned the house with his then girlfriend. They were both 28 to my 16, and I instantly bonded with her. Then, about a month in, they broke up and she moved out. To say I was discombobulated was an understatement. Here I was, a young female teen staring at the prospect of sharing a house with a young adult man. I am Indian, my parents are Indian; this sort of thing is way outside the comfort zone of our culture. However, the lady convinced me to stay, and I convinced my parents. And so I stayed till the end of the first year.

I barely even communicated with this man, because I was more comfortable with his girlfriend. But slowly, over time, we started talking. And then we got really close, and he started confiding in me. We spent hours talking about stuff, and I was enthralled by the fact that an older person found me interesting.

At first, I was completely oblivious to the fact that he was a male, as such. I was a completely innocent airhead, and it never occurred to me in the slightest that this gorgeous man (hooboy was he gorgeous) would ever be interested in me. I was very wrong.

I wasn’t attracted to him at the time, but my best friend couldn’t get enough of him. He was physically stunning, so she used to come over to gape at him. He resented her presence, and never spent much time with me when she was around. I, once again, was completely oblivious to his obvious dislike, which I can now see in retrospect.

In spite of having friends, I spent long evenings on my own at home. He was there a lot of the time, and we ended up chatting through the night, into the early hours of the morning. I started to get an inkling of that he may feel somewhat differently towards me than I had previously imagined.

And it was hilariously confirmed when he came home drunk one night. But that story is another post! Stay tuned.


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