Just Bloggy Things

Some time last month, I suddenly decided I needed my blog outlet again. I have been suffering from severe writer’s block for years now, and I started this blog last September to counteract that. Of course, that was the intention but it never panned into actual fact.

There was a certain ease and flow in my words and writing before. When I re-read previous posts, I smiled because I found that the words evoked images for me, and while I certainly don’t presume it has that effect on everyone, I considered that writing personally timeless. When I started writing again last year, sentences came out in stilted spurts like a coughing engine. I have lost count of the number of posts I wrote and deleted straight after.

I always knew that it was important to finish and not seek perfection each time, but putting that into practice was difficult, as my mind has always been my worst critic.

However, after over a week of almost continuous blogging, I see my ease of old coming back. It is like playing an instrument long abandoned, and hearing the notes ring clearer and clearer each time. I fumble a little less, and set forth on each verbal journey with a little more alacrity.

I hope to complete one month of daily blogging to cement this into a habit. I’ve already reached 50 posts, and here’s hoping I hit 80 by October.

Thanks for listening.


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