Obscurity and Safety

I’ve been wrestling with the problem of my identity on this blog. I am a professional writer, and a blog is a great way to showcase writing. However, my worry is less for potential clients, and more for my family and friends.

Most importantly, I cannot let my family read these thoughts. Whenever I have a disagreement with one of them, I tend to write my thoughts here. When my relationship broke down, I was having huge arguments at home, and I felt misunderstood and unable to put my point across adequately. Then, I don’t always agree with my relatives, but I am loth to hurt their sentiments. Ok, that was inaccurate: I detest most of my relatives and I rather they know nothing of my life at all.

Secondly, my industry necessarily collides with the IT industry, and a lot of my ex-colleagues and now friends are developers. They already found my defunct blog, even after I had taken it down! I am terrified they will find this one.

Finally, I have posted about my feelings about incidents with my friends. And those friendships have taken unexpected detours into a dumpster from the road leading from my blog.

So, I am making it deliberately difficult to find this blog using my name, but I will try and post my other work here. The chances of someone who knows me stumbling onto this blog are slim that way.


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