Breathing in the Green

I live on a leafy green road in Mumbai, and I am well aware of what a rarity and a blessing that is. This morning, I went to throw out the trash, and since they’ve moved the community trash cans, I have to trek about 10 minutes to get there. The walk is nice though, and I listen to podcasts on the way.

On the way back, my hands are free though. And thanks to a little rain in the wee hours of the morning, the place had a dewy fresh air about it. [Of course, this is after I left the general area of the trash cans!]

So I clicked a few pictures with my phone. Ah Mumbai, you can look pretty too!


Edit: Had a few more up, but took them down because they link to my Instagram account. Can’t have anyone finding this blog; no matter how convoluted the path!


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