Movie Review: Change-Up

Two diametrically opposite friends swap lives for a while. That’s the premise of the movie, and I figured it would be a Freaky Friday-style movie, hopefully without the body swapping shenanigans.

Nope. That’s exactly what Change-Up was.

Story: Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) is a family man and a lawyer, responsible to the hilt, and happens to be best friends with his antithesis, Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds). Mitch is a stereotypical struggling actor, with all the requisite irresponsible characteristics that movie tropes consist of.

They meet up to watch an unspecified game at a bar, and then pee in a fountain, loudly claiming to want each other’s lives. And hey presto! Their bodies are switched.

Shenanigans ensue, as each fail miserably at the other’s life. Catastrophic mistakes are made on one side (Dave’s life, obviously) and revelations are had on the other (Mitch’s life). There is growth and understanding, and both learn life lessons that they should have ideally learned in their own bodies.

Review: Just like Freaky Friday, but with more sex humour.

Story: Predictable drivel, with a few staggeringly bad moments. Everyone is impossibly good-looking and very Caucasian. There is no diversity, no poignancy, and it isn’t even an out-and-out comedy. There is peeing in fountains, shaving of pubic hair, and toilet (literally) humour.

Characters: Stereotypical and trite. The doting father uses words like “sugarplum” and “honey” to the point of inducing diabetes. The train wreck cusses out at the smallest opportunity, and goes ballistic with free food.

Acting: Ryan Reynolds has an extremely expressive face, and does a good job of sticking to Mitch’s predictability, while looks a little limp when he has to play Dave. Jason Bateman is interesting as both characters, and demonstrates a little more range. Leslie Mann is phenomenal, and can single-handedly make a case of female comedy (along with Kristen Wiig).

What I liked: The houses and setting are beautiful. Ryan Reynolds has a magnificent physique. Leslie Mann is quite the most beautiful woman I have seen with any sort of personality in her visage.

What I disliked: Everything else: the premise, the story, the development, the characters, and more.


Ugh. Avoid.




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