Off One Hook, Onto Another

So, I met my target of blogging daily for the month of September. In fact, I got so into it, there were days I had so much to say, I wrote several posts all at once. I did schedule the posts, so that my feed wouldn’t be inundated though.

Then October dawns, and I needed a break. So I took one. I was rather pleased with the success of one resolution, and I was hot on the heels of another: weight loss.

Now, I have a tendency to get derailed if I encounter a setback. And I did encounter a setback. I went for the first session with my trainer, and promptly pulled a muscle in my back. While this was a real setback, there is another one that exists purely in my mind: I weighed myself. The number on the scale shocked me into acute humiliation, even though I was the only one there.

I briefly contemplated putting it out here, so it would goad me into sticking to the plan. But I couldn’t. And the tug of war between embarrassment and the guilt of feeling the embarrassment [my mind is such a mess!] rendered me incapable of doing anything.

Today has dawned differently though, and I have been tackling projects all over the place. I have an ongoing tussle with procrastination, and I need to kick it more firmly in the butt.


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