Getting Back in Tracks

After my initial enthusiasm of September, which appears to have been mostly fuelled by a desire to fulfil my goal of posting every day of the month. In any case, the gym membership lapsed, because after the first day under the tutelage of a trainer, I had pulled several muscles in various parts of my body.

On a slightly related note, I haven’t ever had much luck with resolutions, or for that matter the close of the old year. I always anticipate that the New Year will be better, and will thus contain less trauma than the previous. I am always wrong. Always. [But that’s a topic I will leave for another day.]

Last year, judging by my post, I had a similar thought: I would get a jump on my resolutions from December. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as this was prompted by a peek at the scales.


Anyway, I had intended to get started on a bunch of resolutions in December, so come January and the pressure to maintain said resolutions, they will have already become habit. At least, that’s the hope.

I told my mum, the kitchen in-charge, that I would like to eat healthier food. Fresh fruit and salads were already a staple in our meals, but we ate a lot of sweets too. Plus, pastas, pizzas, and noodles on the regular, with great big honking doses of parathas and rice as well. We have a carb-heavy diet, and it was doing me no favours.

So, from today on, we are going to have healthier meals, with the carbs and fat cut out as far as possible. Because I am terrified of a binge later, I have allowed myself one cheat meal a day, at least till I get into the stride of things. It is 8:00 pm here, and I still haven’t had a cheat meal as yet. I am guessing that this will take the form of a hunk of cheese, but who knows.

A second measure is to start some form of exercise. I actually enjoy exercise quite a bit, once I’ve gotten over the inevitable starting aches and pains. However, while starting is easy, carrying on past that obstacle isn’t. So once again, I’m starting easy. Not with the gym this time, but at least a walk around the neighbourhood every morning. I plan to do this at least 4 times a week for the present, and I started today.

The third and last resolution is to be more considerate of my body. I tend to get bored with lathering and conditioning and the associated ministrations that are necessary for general upkeep. I have fine hair, with an oily scalp, prone to dandruff. I have dry skin that would put a desert to shame. And while I once only had cracked heels, I now have cracks under my toes AND in the arches of my feet. I have no clue how I managed that.

So, I have devised a hair care and body care routine to combat these ills. I also hope that the cut out carbs and fat will assist somewhat. I already eat quite a bit of fruit and vegetables anyway, so I don’t think that will have too much of an impact.

All in all, I hope to do a better job of looking after myself next year. I would also like to increase productivity, learning, and mental well-being, while reducing stress and illness. I hope to make more of my time, and spend less energy on useless pursuits.

Here’s hoping.


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