New Year, New Start

I sometimes feel it is a bit cliche to think of the new year as a new start, because really it is great to make positive changes at any time. That being said, the undeniable attraction of something new is only compounded by the fact that I reached 100 posts yesterday. [This is 100+1.]

I would like to post my resolutions here, even though that is the most cliche thing ever.

  1. I would love to actually lose weight this year.
  2. I would love to hit my target of a book a week, because I only reached halfway in 2016.
  3. I would like to post regularly on here, but without it feeling forced.
  4. I would like to finish my French examinations too.
  5. I would like to wipe out my to-do list.

And lastly, but most importantly, I would like to spend less time being stressed. I recognise that pitfalls and problems are a part and parcel of life, but how much time I spend agonising over things I cannot change is entirely in my control. Here’s to reducing that by a LOT.

Happy new year to everyone! May the new year bring you and yours health and happiness, much success and fulfilment in whichever form it takes.


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