Movie Review: Movie 43

I was minus a functioning Internet connection for the holidays this year, as I was staying with my aunt. It was a mindful decision, seeing as I tend to work-work-work otherwise. Therefore, I watched a LOT of movies. Movie 43 was one of them.

This movie has a bit of a backstory, in that the ex suggested I watch it. Apparently, when it came out, he had heard it was a series of shorter stories, and thus an interesting format. All this was vaguely remembered when I pressed play.

Story: I believe there are two versions of this movie, and I watched the one where the smaller bits were tied together by the following overarching storyline:

Three teenagers are looking for the “most banned film” in the world, a payback prank by two of them against the third. Their search leads into the other stories.

Review: What a strange movie.

Story: There is no story as such. The story tying the others together is weak and forced. The comedy is forced and the acting is ridiculous. The dialogues are achingly predictable.

The individual stories are ever so slightly better, because they push the envelope in terms of comfort. Much of the comedy is sex-related, with kinky sex, naked women, testicles, and other associated topics thrown in. There were moments where I was profoundly happy that I wasn’t eating anything, because it made me want to throw up.

Characters: No comment.

Acting: The short stories had a stellar star cast, and they were terrific. Wasted in this ridiculous movie, but terrific nonetheless. I must note that quite a few are serious actors, and it was refreshing to see them in roles that were so obviously not serious.

What I liked: The format was interesting. The storylines were unique, and the individual actors were good.

What I disliked: It was an awful movie. There was no cohesion, seeing as the overreaching story was weak. Some of the storylines made me supremely uncomfortable, but I have an aversion to bodily emissions on my screen.


One star is very generous.




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