Ms. Fixit

Do you ever have favourite comfy home clothes that become ratty and tattered, but you don’t want to throw out because they are the comfiest things you own? I do. Several pairs of cotton sleep shorts which I love with my whole heart.

I may have just confessed to being in love with shorts. I can live with that.

Anyway. My mother has been on a mission to delete those pairs of shorts from my life. And I have resisted, claiming that they were irreplaceable. The shorts were bought at a fair in Goa, from an export surplus kiosk. Calling it a temporary structure is being very generous. The originals from the US would cost me a bomb to buy, so yeah no way was I giving up my ratty clothes.

Then, an Indian brand decides to launch sleep shorts too. And now I have a whole new set of them. With matching tees! So I had to think fast to save my shorts.

So I darned them. I have spent the last day and a half darning clothes. A talent, by the way, I didn’t know I had. I have had an enduring interest in embroidery, but I haven’t really done too much with it.

The other achievement of the week was a newish top that I had bought, but whose lace tore on a sharp edge somewhere. The lace was in a panel on the back, and looked awful. Mum and I stopped by a lace shop nearby, and got a long strip to be put in sections in its place. However, the tailor made a mess of the whole thing, so I had to undo it, and redo it. And it turned out really well!

The escapades above have engendered a little more confidence in my crafting abilities, and I think I will actually get around to tackling the projects I have shelved for years. Once I get around to them, I will post photos on here too. Yay! So excited.


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