Light Entertainment

Of late, my posts have been heavy duty and deeply introspective. I don’t think that trend is going to change, but I do think it needs leavening once in a while. Therefore, today I would like to present my infantile mother and one of her escapades.

To preface this, my mother is a very strange mix of prudishness and modernity. She is prudish about herself exclusively, in that she doesn’t like to be exposed in any way, and doesn’t like to be exposed to anything resembling porn. [She couldn’t get through the simulated sex scene in Love Actually because it made her uncomfortable.]

Add to this, she is an Indian. I cannot adequately describe Indians and their hypocrisy, and besides she isn’t a hypocrite. But, there is a stereotype to which she doesn’t conform. Many would expect her to react a certain way to boys, mention of sex, body parts, and so on – which she disobligingly doesn’t.

Yesterday, she went into paroxysms of laughter, cackling her head off, after reading a forward sent by one of her friends. I watched her in some amusement, waiting for the fit to subside somewhat before asking what was so funny.

It was a list of dick jokes.


Not kidding here.

I can’t remember all of the immature, puerile humour that was gleefully narrated to me, but here is a sample:

Question: Why are penises gentlemen?
Answer: Because they stand up every time a woman walks past.

I can’t even.


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