Client with A Sense of Humour

I always thought that being fun is great, and makes life much more bearable overall. This is my second excuse for being an irreverent git, the first being that I inherited the bad behaviour genes directly from my father.

Anyway, my funny bone is somewhat on the blink since last year, although I have been able to reclaim my humour in some situations. Case in point:

I had a morning meeting yesterday, with one of my clients. I was initially contacted to redo their website content, but ended up with a contract to rebuild their site from scratch. I roped in one of my dev friends, and we got cracking. Yesterday’s meeting was about ironing out the last few snags in the project.

We were rereading some of the content, where I had written that the loan process (they are a housing finance company) is easy and fun. Now, the process they use is easy, and since their culture is laid-back and casual, fun wasn’t a stretch. But he felt that we couldn’t write that.

He then contemplated the “easy” part, and was lost in a pleasant reverie for a few seconds. When I finally got his attention, I asked him what was up.

Client: “It IS easy to get a loan with us. 48 hours man! That’s how much time we take to reply to an applicant.”
Me: *smiling at his enthusiasm* “Yes, it is pretty cool. The banks are painful.”
Client: *snorts derisively* “Banks?! Three months. They take three months to arrive at a decision. You know what, whoever has the stamina to apply for a loan with the likes of SBI and so on? They should get a Bharat Ratna for bravery.” *shakes head in disgust*
Me: *desperately suppressing laughter*

We moved on another page, and he commented that his CEO was unhappy with his own picture on the About Us page.

Client: “He thinks that he looks mournful in this picture. Like Pankaj Udhas. Bol rahe the ki, agar company ka CEO Pankaj Udhas ki tarah lagta hai, company kitna miserable hoga.” [He was saying that if the company CEO looks like Pankaj Udhas, the company must be pretty miserable too.]

To be fair to Pankaj Udhas, a popular ghazal singer in India, the man doesn’t look miserable at all. Quite cherubic and smiley, as a matter of fact.

And finally, since it was such a long meeting, I eventually needed a bathroom break. I ask for directions to the ladies’ and see this on the door:

gottogoYup. I am surrounded by cartoons.


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