Project: Racing Stripes

I am notoriously bad about documenting anything I do when I am in the throes of doing it, so of course I do not have before pictures of today’s project.

The project today was a beat up pair of trainers. They weren’t beat up because of extensive use, but by the virtue of being shunted around the various cities I have lived, being buried under a pile of other shoes, and the like. Last month, I pulled them out for use when I go to the market, since the market is full of uneven flagstones, and I needed a thicker sole on light footwear to save my feet and ankles from extreme abuse.

The shoes originally has three metallic stripes down each side: the centre one in a light purple and the two flanking that stripe in a pewter shade. Both colours were metallic and pastel. However, due to the wear I mentioned before, the colour started flaking off.

Now, I am no diva nor fashionista, but I draw the line at looking shabby. So peeling shoes was not my idea of acceptable. The shoes themselves are serviceable, so I thought I’d try painting them.

So I did. And here they are.

racing-stripesThey look rather cheerful now, and overall I am pleased with the way they turned out.


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