The Boredom Problem

In my expert opinion of myself, the biggest obstacle for me is boredom. I sometimes cannot will myself to something that it boring. And the trouble with this tendency is that it can strike at any moment.

I am not doing one of those humble-brag type of posts, where I am secretly proud of my “flaw”, like some people are about being short-tempered and so on. I genuinely wish I could get over the disinclination to continue when I get bored.

For example, I was giving my shoes a facelift. I initially planned to coat the raw edges with a matching ecru fabric paint, and call it a day. However, the paint in the bottle and paint on the shoe looked vastly different. It was less ecru and more a peachy beige with undertones of pink. In short, a disaster. But since I couldn’t change the colour at that point, I decided to turn the beige into a base coat, and apply a second layer of paint in a different colour thereafter.

There are 6 stripes on either shoe, and by the time I reached the third stripe, I had lost interest. The shoes weren’t looking great yet, the process of dabbing paint on the uneven surface was tedious, and the colour was boring. I would have happily chucked it up, and left the shoes as is.

However, I have recently discovered that I can be extremely tenacious when I want to be. Also, a natural inclination to be thrifty and try and save things stopped me from giving up. I plugged on doggedly, finishing up the base coat on all the stripes.

Again, I could have stopped there. And now the shoes didn’t look incomplete. But, the boredom had vanished now because I got to pick out pretty colours for the top coat. Knowing what happened the first time around, I picked out three different colours.

Eventually, the shoes got painted. But I really wish I didn’t have to trick my mind into making me do stuff that I do anyway.


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