The Brinjal Lady

My dad comes from an illustrious family, in that a few of his relatives were truly erudite. Several had PhDs and most had a master’s degree at the very least. My father wasn’t too much for the book learning, and didn’t even finish school. But he gained a wealth of experience, which carved a path for him to the top.

He regaled mum and me with lots of stories about his family, although he was always sketchy with details. This was more to do with the fact that my father had no patience though.

One great aunt kept coming up, as, according to him, she had discovered a type of aubergine. It was apparently named after her too. She was a botanist, and was renown in the family. My mum and I knew about this lady, but didn’t know her name.

Till she appeared on my Facebook timeline.

I only realised this was the lady my father talked about because she shares the same initials as my grandfather. Also, it wasn’t an aubergine that was named after her, it was a magnolia.



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