Book Review: Mrs. Funnybones

I have read a few of Twinkle Khanna’s columns, and while she isn’t the best writer in the world, she is amusing. I like her forthright style, and I can empathise with a few of her views. So when I saw her books on sale on Amazon, I snapped them up on a whim. It took me all of 4 hours to read this book. I am fast, but not THAT fast. The print is large and easy to read, and the pages are small. It was an ordinary feat for an avid reader.

Author: Twinkle Khanna

Story: The book isn’t a novel; it is a collection of anecdotes about Twinkle’s life with her husband and two kids, with a liberal sprinkling of other characters. The stories are fictionalised slightly for comedic effect, but much of it is evidently true.

Writing: Indian writers are overconfident of their language skills, in my opinion. They may read avidly, but it takes a special sort of ability to imbibe the skill of writing from master storytellers. Far too many people feel that having opinions and being slightly witty makes for good writing skill; it doesn’t. The author falls squarely in this category.

The writing is passably decent, but she gets the metre and tone of the prose mixed up. Good writing is timeless, and hers will not last very long.

Characters: The characters, members of the author’s family and the people peppering her periphery, are exaggerated for comic effect. This sometimes works, and sometimes feels rather forced. Clearly they share a fun bond, and some of that does come through the pages. However, in the pursuit of being pithy and witty, there is much that is left out.

Pace: Fast-paced. Like I said before, I finished the book in record time. It is stream-of-consciousness, and ably edited to suit that style of narrative.

Conclusion: I think it makes for a great palate cleanser, an opinion I have repeated ad nauseam to anyone who has asked. I was tired of reading heavy prose, and I was afraid of lagging behind on my reading resolution, so this was the perfect sop to my to-read list.

Rating: ✩✩✩



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