Scammy Persistence

Persistent scammer thinks I’m an idiot.

Call 1.
Scammer: “Madam, your ATM card is blocked for security reasons.”
Me: “Which bank are you calling from?” [It’s a mobile number. No way this is a legit call.]
Scammer *after short, whispered conference with fellow scammer*: “Umm.. Bank of Maharashtra.”
Me: “Don’t have an account with them.”
Scammer:Nahi, sorry. Bank of India.”
Me: “Nope not them either.”
Scammer: “Ok madam. Sorry wrong number.”

A few hours later. Call 2. Same number.
Scammer: “Madam, humne aapko subhe phone kiya tha.” [Cheek!]
Me:Haan. Bolo.”
Scammer:Aapka number registered hai is account ke saath.”
Me:Achcha? Kaunsa number?” [I have 2 other numbers’ calls forwarded to one phone, in addition to mine.]
Scammer: “Um.. yehi wala.”
Me: *letting it go* “Achcha. Address kaunsa hai?”
Scammer: *click*

Two days later. Call 3. Same number.
Scammer: “Madam, aap kaunse bank ka ATM use karte ho?”
Me:Aap kaunse bank se call kar rahe ho?”
Scammer: “SBI.”
Me: “Don’t use that ATM card.”
Scammer: *click*

I know I shouldn’t indulge these conversations, but can’t help myself. Far too funny.


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