Movie Review: Two Weeks Notice

It is a little sad that I feel guilty for watching a romantic comedy at all. It is harmless entertainment, and yes while it does suffer from all the ills of endemic Hollywood discrimination.. hm. One line after I admitted I shouldn’t feel guilty, here I am adding disclaimers for why I enjoyed this movie. Moving swiftly on!

Story: Lucy (Sandra Bullock) is a highly-educated, do-gooder lawyer who lives in Brooklyn. George (Hugh Grant) is a wealthy businessman, with a tendency towards women, and a profoundly silly and kindly streak. He lives in a suite at the hotel he owns. Their lives couldn’t be further apart. That being said, he is a real estate tycoon, and she has a penchant for saving historic buildings from demolition. Their paths were going to cross eventually.

And so they do. She goes to him to save her neighbourhood community centre, and he just happens to be looking for a lawyer. He hires her, on her condition that the building be saved, and they begin working together. In less than a year, he comes to depend on her for almost everything. She slowly tires of this, and hands in her notice. And the rest of the movie takes off from there.

Review: The movie is eminently watchable. It is funny, has a little heart, is extremely predictable, has no diversity, and is a good palate cleanse from other heavy duty entertainment. *cough* Game of Thrones *cough* There are no mental gymnastics to understand the story; there aren’t parallel undercurrents of storylines; the cinematography and the CGI is non-existent, and therefore doesn’t move into your mindspace. In short, it is cerebrally-easy movie to watch.

Story: The story is straightforward. No surprises at all. AT. ALL. It moves smoothly from scene to scene, with scarcely a hitch. Some of the premises are farfetched, and clearly designed to keep the movie moving forward, but that’s expected.

Characters: Ordinary characters. The fiery lawyer, champion of all things downtrodden. The slightly goofy, charming, handsome tycoon, generous to a fault and somewhat puppy-like in his quest for love. And the supporting cast of disapproving mother, proud father, practical brother, snotty sister-in-law, slightly slimy junior, and the perky usurper.

All strictly one-dimensional and therefore easy to understand.

Acting: Hugh Grant is the same in all his movies. Funny, charming, utterly butterly handsome. I have to wonder whether the man isn’t just like that in real life, and he sort of saunters onto a set, learns a few lines, and behaves as normal.

The others were all right. Nothing extraordinary.

What I liked: If it wasn’t clear by this point, I enjoyed the ease of this movie. Other than that, I love feel-good movies with little investment of mental acuity. But more than that, I liked the little moments of togetherness woven into the tale. I loved the comfort level depicted of two people practically living together every day. And I loved George’s quips and quirky sense of humour, so the writing was pretty good on that front.

What I disliked: Nothing in particular that leaps to mind. I do wish they had more diversity in a natural setting, but it really doesn’t matter too much either way.

Rating: ✩✩✩




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