Social Media Break

I’ve been feeling rather disgruntled of late, and I’ve been trying to turn that feeling around by figuring out the cause. And as I see it, I see multiple reasons, but the fundamental cause is that I feel unproductive and stagnant.

There are several contributing factors to the stagnation: one is the lack of drive work-wise; another is the breaks in my exercise regime; and finally one is the crippling lack of growth. I would like to fix all these issues, and do so well. I usually get quite excited around the beginning of a month, seeing it as a fresh dawn to make positive changes. I make massive lists and set goals, and every time I see myself failing to reach my targets. This has led to all new disappointment.

Each time I tell myself it will be different. I will write those blog posts; I will read a book a week; I will lose 3 kilos this month. But the inertia sets in when I get distracted, and I lose my drive.

The biggest factor in this loss of drive is Facebook. I see people travelling (which I want to do), raising families (which I don’t want to do), learning new skills (which I want to do desperately), and scaling new heights (which will come in its own time). I see people pushing their personal boundaries and growing, and I find myself stagnating. And I hate it. I feel the misery growing, and becoming a block to all productivity and positivity all around.

Not this time. September 2017 will be the beginning of the wholesale change I will wreak in my life. And the first step towards that is to shut out Facebook. I gave up Twitter a long time ago, because it became too much for me to handle. But Facebook is an addiction that I need to extricate myself from. I had already disabled notifications on my phone, but now I will uninstall the apps too.

So the big changes in my life will start with this one small step: no more Facebook.


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