To Be Or Not Be Famous

For the last couple of months, I have realised a public site for work is necessary. Since I am a writer by profession, I need to showcase samples and clips of my work, and also the different styles I am capable of tackling.

Usually, a prospective client asks for a blog link, and earlier I used to send my personal blog link (not this one) to them. But that was when I was rather young and green, and the blog posts reflected the turmoil and upheaval in my personal life far too much to be professional. Nowadays, I have a bigger body of work, but it is rather scattered. Some of it is on the web, so I send links, some of it is in print, so I have scanned copies of articles. There is just a whole mess of stuff.

I also briefly considered having another personal blog, but more public. I opened an account on Medium with the express intention of setting one up, but I couldn’t start typing. I have a compulsive nature sometimes, and the desire to have everything under one umbrella (at least the stuff that belongs together) is far too strong.

For a few weeks, I pondered the conundrum. How do I have a blog that straddles the line between personal and professional adequately? I cannot possibly rant about people in my life, and the behaviour which I find inexplicable over there. It is unprofessional. What if I somehow become well-known? *shudder* I am terrified someone will find THIS blog at all. I just don’t want the hassle.

Finally, I have put to bed the desire to have the blog at all. I will, at some point, set up a site with my work. That site will have stuff that is acceptable for other people to see and read. This one will continue to be my outlet for all things feelings and personal growth, at least for the time being. I need this space more than I could have realised. It is therapy for me.

At least, until I change my mind again.


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