Looking Back, and Forward

Two years ago, I started this blog. I can’t really believe two years have passed. So much has happened that it simultaneously feels like a very short time, and a very long time since. Of course, the reasons are vastly different.

I thought I would write a mini post, looking at the reasons that made me start this blog in the first place. Primarily it was because my writing habit had broken. Shattered. I had lost all confidence in the ability to pen my thoughts to paper, and see the words come to life.

Rightly or wrongly, I believed I had a gift to write. I rarely go back and change my blog posts, because I quite liked the stream of consciousness ease which they exuded, and the light vein of humour than ran at its core. When I joined my first job in Mumbai, I slowly lost that ability, and everything I wrote felt and sounded wrong and contrived. Therefore this blog was meant to be a form of therapy for that broken skill.

Today, that goal has changed. I have regained the ability to write effortlessly, as stress and pressure, and the constant derision in my workplace have all gone. I may not write well by anyone else’s standards, but at least the words feel like myself again. So what now?

Now the blog is mental therapy. I write to empty my mind of some thoughts, and as I heal on the different fronts, the posts are slowly changing to reflect memories. I encapsulate kernels of joy, sorrow, humour, anger, and so much more on these pages, for me to look back at later and marvel.

I hope I am able to sustain this flow, because I know it has done me a world of good.


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