Incremental Idiocy

I was ranting a few posts back, about being hounded on Whatsapp by a moronic bloke with no sense of when to back off. I still cannot fathom why he wants to talk to me, when I have given him next to no indication that I am a even a nice person!

Which brings me neatly to my point, or what I now like to call: incremental idiocy.

This is perhaps best explained with a flowchart, but then I don’t have the patience to draw one out. So I will do a list instead.

  1. You have an interesting(-ish) conversation with someone once.
  2. You develop a sort of rapport, and continue to chat.
  3. The other person is enthusiastic and lively. You, out of kindness and niceness, reply appropriately.
  4. That person amps up their conversation, albeit in teeny tiny increments. You start feeling a bit pressured, but since the changes are so miniscule, you feel like an asshat for feeling pressured in the first place.
  5. Step 4 x 1000.
  6. You start getting really fed up, but if that person calls you out on why something was ok yesterday (or for the last so many months) why is it suddenly not ok now, what do you say? This question stops you from saying anything.

And this is what I mean by incremental idiocy. The problem is that worrying behaviour doesn’t start with an announcement. It begins with a little frown, grows to a faint unease, and finally blossoms into a fully-fledged mess. The other person is, maybe, oblivious. I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they are perpetrating this deliberately. But, I could be wrong.

The worst part is that I cannot figure out how to turn around and say that it has become too much, because the feeling is ephemeral, rather than concrete. I don’t have a substantial argument to fall back on, and I end up falling back into the same rut as before, but more disgruntled and less sure of myself.

And so, I have let this ridiculousness continue. For the time being. But I am fairly certain, I am going to explode at some point, because I don’t like being uneasy and my reaction will be uncontrolled and catastrophic.


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