Of course I am writing a new post. There was no doubt I would try again to blog consistently, after flaming out colossally last year. I may have publicly admitted to 10 posts a month, but I was secretly gunning for a post a day for the year. Ha!

Anyway, I did manage to keep one resolution from last year: getting fit. Not that I am thin by any stretch of imagination, but the fact is that I now have tons of energy after joining and sticking with my fitness class. I was floundering there too initially, but in September I decided to really power through mightily. And it worked! I love the classes, and I’ve added going for a morning walk to the other 3 days of the week. In toto, I am working out 5-6 days a week and loving every second. (My muscles are not, however. They still scream in protest, and it genuinely feels like they are being shredded from the inside out.)

On the subject of resolutions, I don’t have concrete ones this year. Instead, I bought a pretty planner/diary which I hope will motivate me to fill it up. I still have the 52 movies and books this year, after reaching 48/36 in 2017. Let’s see. No stressing out about it though.

Funnily enough, this morning I wanted to skip my walk. But then I got up, and I figured, I want to go. And I did! Since there was no pressure of resolutions, I actually felt pleased about going. Yay!

Well, this has been somewhat of rambly post. But all in all, I just wanted to say that I am learning to give myself a break, and to stop and live in the moment instead of falling down a productivity-failure-despair rabbit hole.

Dear 2018, I know you will have ups and downs. I don’t expect you to be a bed of roses. And that’s ok. At least I have the ability to live your moments, and whether to be happy in those moments is wholly up to me. Here’s to a shared journey from this moment forth.


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