Different But Same

I knew I was going to have fun at the last two weddings I attended: the first in Khajuraho and the second in Delhi. I made notes during my Khajuraho trip, so I am more interested in recording the shenanigans from the second wedding before my memory fails me once more.

Before leaving Mumbai, the friend had pinged two of us, saying that we were sharing a cab to the hotel, because we were, and I quote, “arriving within half an hour of each other”. Turns out, the other guy’s flight landed in Delhi, before mine took off from Mumbai. And when we discovered this, the exchange was, well, typical:

In my defence, I had been up since 4 am, and I was not feeling particularly charitable. And I was feeling especially uncharitable towards Aditya, with whom I have always had a contentious, irritating equation, even though we really are friends.

I reached on 5th morning, and fatalistically assumed I would miss the mehendi ceremony, after kicking my heels at the airport for over an hour, thanks to Aditya’s stellar planning skills. Turns out, weddings always run late. So I had enough time to get myself a room, divest myself of my luggage, find the other friend who had arrived that morning, and make my way to the venue. I didn’t have time to change into my snazzy outfit, but it was mehendi so probably best I didn’t wear anything which would cause me pangs if stained.

I found Aditya in the midst of his relatives, being a royal pain as usual. He was complaining about having mehendi put on his hands, and was less than pleased when I agreed with immense alacrity to join him (when asked by his aunt). I love mehendi, so I was really just waiting out of courtesy.

Another of his friends – and his wife – joined us, and we were introduced. As Aditya introduced me, it so happened that I was not the complete stranger I had assumed I was. Because: “Oh you’re Karishma?” “Yes,” I replied in some surprise. “That sandwich comment was AWESOME.”


My other friend had kindly read out my opinion of Aditya’s planning abilities to a whole contingent of people, all of whom thought it was amazing. I was a little embarrassed to be greeted as such, but as we quickly moved on, it was fine.

Cut to the evening.

I got dressed in a sari, and was told to make my way to the groom’s room, where I would find him and our other friends. And, as it turned out, all the groom’s other friends. The couple from the morning were also there. I smiled at them. Only to be met with an initial blank look. Then, dawning comprehension. Then: “Oh God. Karishma?!”

To which I nodded mutely, and the idiot who read out my message in the first place chimes in with: “Haha, alag lagti hai, na?” [She looks so different, doesn’t she?]

I.. Ok then.


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