Autograph Anyone?

The following sort of incident has happened to me a couple of times since this first time, so I am inclined to think I definitely have a doppelganger somewhere.

The setting for this story was in Goa, when I had taken my car for servicing to the showroom we bought it from, and I was speaking to an executive I had hitherto only spoken with on the phone.

Me: “Nice to finally meet you in person.”
J: “Yes ma’am.”
(A few seconds of silence..)
J: “Ma’am, do you work in Marathi serials?”
Me *surprised*: “Uh, no I most certainly do not.”
J: “Are you sure?”
Me *choking down laughter*: “Yes I’m sure. I think I would have known if I was acting in a TV serial.”
(A few seconds of silence again.)
J: “No ma’am. I’ve definitely seen you on TV.”
Me: “OK. If you say so.”

And I peeled out of there to laugh in peace before I bust a gut.

In retrospect, she probably thought I was being secretive with the view of not attracting attention. But then again, she knew my name also. So that doesn’t fit either. I am still so confused by the whole thing.

A few years later, I hailed a cab in Mumbai, and he pulled up to me with surprising alacrity. I got in, and gave him my address. With considerable aplomb, he drew away from the curb, and proceeded to preen in his rearview mirror.

I could see all this from the corner of my eye, and was a little surprised. But I refrained from comment, as it is his outlook as to how he chooses to comport himself in his taxi after all.

After a few minutes of covert peeking through the mirror, I saw him draw in a deep breath. And then heard: “Madam. I recognised you!”

Bear in mind, that the first incident was not uppermost in my mind when I said: “Umwhatnow? Come again?”

Turns out, he was a big fan of “my” TV serial, and he much admired “my” acting. He told me all about the plot twists and turns he liked, and how the tone of the show was excellent, and how his wife was a big fan too. And I listened with a polite smile plastered to my face, wondering whether it was too late to ask for the name of this serial.

Spoiler alert: It was.


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