Sugar is the Enemy

I keep making resolutions about losing weight, and not sticking to them. Falling off the wagon with a resounding thud is a more apt description. But then I discovered combat fitness, or rather plugged up the courage to call a number that was on my phone for over a year. And I fell in love with exercise.

People told me that they loved exercise; that it gave them a high. I didn’t believe this, because the only form of exercise that made feel great was swimming. I loathe running, thanks to the big melons genetics has seen fit to strap to my chest.

Combat fitness was amazing, except not sustainable for me. Work and stuff got in the way, and I have dropped out for now, fully intending to go back some time soon.

But in the interim, I decided to grab my diet by its balls. I made one change: reduced my sweet intake. Avoided desserts wherever possible, and substituted with fruit when the urge was too strong. In any case, I preferred natural sweeteners like honey, and disliked the overly cloying sweetness of sugar. So it wasn’t a leap for me.

The next thing I am trying to do is reduce carbs overall, but that’s tricky because I have gout too, which calls for a reduced-protein, increased-carb diet. Plus, I experience vertigo with the medicine prescribed in India for gout, so I have to control it with diet exclusively. Joyous.

Anyway, in two weeks, there was a rapid decline in my ability to consume any sweets. A biscuit or a mouthful of cake sated my desire for treats, and soon those went away as well. My diet is so much better, especially since I adore vegetables. Let’s see what further changes I can make going ahead.

The upshot is that I feel great. At my worst point, I was 95 kilos. Today, I tip the scale at 84.6 kilos. I still have a long way to go, but damn that feels GOOD!


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