Sitcom Setup

In spite of being 1) significantly younger; 2) a dude; and 3) calling me ‘mom’, I feel quite lucky to have a really decent guy as a good friend. Which is why, when I was a little low about my non-existent love life, he came up with this plan:

J: “So K [he really calls me just ‘K’], listen. I have a plan. I make bad relationship decisions; YOU make bad relationship decisions! You see where I’m going with this?”

Me: “Not really.” *knowing very well that the whole pact-to-get-together-if-both-still-single-in-20-years was not happening here. EVER.*

J: “Let’s make a shitload of money. [We also work on projects together.] We can then buy houses next to each other, and live out our days like that!”

Me: *laughing*

J: “I’m serious! It will be AWESOME. You make cake, I’ll eat it. We drink coffee at 1 AM together. You listen to me playing guitar. Life set hai.

He’s the absolute best. I love him.


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