Project: Shirt Resuscitation Part 3

Ah, the huge peony. Lost? Read part 1 and 2 first.

I was dreading the huge peony, because it truly is gargantuan. Plus, I had cut the pattern into its component bits, so realigning was in my future. Lack of confidence overall, played a huge part in this.

About 10 days ago, I pulled it out, determined to conquer the peony bogey. I aligned it, and started basting. I got a good 30% through the thing, before I realised that I was stitching on top of the sweet pea flowers. I harrumphed a little, but decided to plow on nonetheless, figuring I could make it foreground-background.

Then, I realised the pattern overlapped the sleeve’s seam. Hm. No way I could fix that. Out came the hoop, and the paper. And I proceeded to unpick the 30% of peony I had painstakingly basted. Tears may have been shed. The project went back into the bag, some unpicking still remaining.

Day before yesterday, I pulled it back out, deciding to at least finish the unpicking. I located a seam ripper I had bought, and promptly forgotten, and attacked the peony with vengeance. Finally, broken pieces of thread lay in a bowl, and my shirt was back to the just the sweet peas.

With some trepidation, I lined up the peony again, and basted some tentative, preliminary stitches. It took me two days, but I finished the sucker. Yesterday, I pulled out the last bit of paper.

You can see where one of the lines of Frankenstein-like darning intersects with the design. Those lines are the whole point of this project.

And here it is with the sweet peas. There wasn’t originally meant to be so much space between them, but I figured I would fill it up with leaves and a lattice to bring the whole design together.

[I do not anticipate finishing this thing in my lifetime.]

Now I have the other side to do. It has a lily, a bunch of tulips, and a scabiosa. The peony and the lily are about the same size, but the scabiosa sketch is terrifyingly detailed.




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