Target Acquired

I am not a special little snowflake. Let’s get that out of the way before I continue. I am reasonably certain that every girl get her share of unwanted male attention, because I have seen enough evidence of it online. [I sort of wish I had a girlfriend to talk over this stuff with, because there would be someone else who had that shared experience. I’ve entirely given up on male friends.]

So remember this guy? His opening salvo should’ve sent up red flags, but I am an idiot and quash every survival instinct in the interest of being polite and courteous. Plus, he hadn’t said anything rude. He continued to chat, asking me questions about where I was from, and whether I was married. [Yes, I am aware that is 0 to 100 in less than 60 seconds, but even so, not rude.]

I continued to respond, using my Indianness as a shield of conservatism, because I don’t conveniently have a man in my life to deflect unwanted sexual attention. It worked, to point. And then this happens:

Because why wouldn’t you ask a perfect stranger if you could send them nudes? Absolutely normal, I suppose. Sigh.


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