Another 5 Down

Finally, halfway into the year, I have my workout groove on. I had gotten into the habit of going for a walk every morning, but the monsoons soon put paid to that ritual.

Instead I needed to come up with an indoor alternative. [Something which my mother was telling me to do repeatedly, so that I was not reliant on any external equipment or venue to exercise. Smart lady, that one.]

So my current routine consists of segments drawn from a bunch of apps:

1. Stretching with Sworkit
2. 30 day challenge [Initially started with the Full Body – Easy Plan 1. Have now moved on to Full Body – Easy Plan 2 + Butt – Easy Plan 1.]
3. [Not from an app] Reps of abdominal exercises
4. Yoga with Down Dog

I do the yoga at night, and it helps me wind down too. I have incrementally increased the time intervals, till I am now on 10 minutes of stretching, 2 30-day challenges, 200 reps of abs, and 30 minutes of yoga. It’s quite good, considering I was rivalling the Pillsbury dough boy for love handles at one point.

Today, my weight clocked in at 79.9 kgs. I have been stuck in this zone for the past week or so. The lowest was 79.1 kgs, but I have been seesawing back and forth over 80 kgs, so not counting that for now.

Therefore, total weight lost for the moment is 15.1 kgs. I’m fairly pleased about that.


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