Thank God It Wasn’t A Camel

A family friend is visiting from Dubai next week, and she asked me on WhatsApp what we would like her to carry with her. My immediate response was: “Nothing, thank you.” because really, everything is available in Mumbai. However, she persisted, and asked me to check with mom, and think about it for a few days.

I had asked my mother the first time she posed the question, and my mother echoed my response. The second time though:

Me: “Aunty Renu is asking what we want from Dubai.”
Mom: “Really don’t want anything.”
Me: “I know. Told her that. She’s asking us to think about it, and let her know.”
Mom: “Ok. Sheikh Mohammed then.”


Me: “WHAT?!” *burst into peals of laughter*
Mom, because she believes that the universe grants all requests: “I was kidding! God NO!”

What a cartoon.


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