Book Review: Journey of Souls

My mother wanted this book, mostly to make some sense of the grief she was feeling after losing my father. She had started reading books by Brian Weiss, who talks about multiple lifetimes and incarnations, when this one showed up as a recommendation somewhere. [I think on Amazon.]

I resisted reading this book, mainly because I am somewhat sceptical about books that purport to answer the mysteries of life [or death] after having been taken in by other books like that: Mutant Message Down Under and The Third Eye.

However, I didn’t find too much backlash about Michael Newton when I Googled him, presumably because his chosen area of expertise is, well, impossible to verify.

I read the book finally. Clearly.

Author: Michael Newton

Premise: Death is not the end. The soul lives on and goes on to be part of a spirit world, from whence it came. The lives the soul leads are intended for it to learn lessons.

Writing: I have to admit that, even though the subject is interesting to me, the writing made me want to sleep after every two pages. It was with great difficulty that I read the whole book in one week. Quite an achievement if I do say so myself.

Pace: Well organised chapters, and clear progression from one to the next, help this book a great deal. The subject matter is not light, so any ease that can be built into the narrative should. The pace was quick, and the author moved rapidly between levels, sure-footed.

Conclusion: There is no doubt that the subject is interesting. Riveting almost. Who hasn’t had the thought of what lies beyond the misty veil when confronted with death? I certainly have.

The concept of souls is not new; every religion talks about souls, as it is currency for good [varied depending on the religion in question] behaviour during life. One’s immortal soul is answerable to a higher power for its misdeeds here on terra firma.

Perhaps I have a mental design flaw. I am sure this would be my mother’s take on the matter. I can understand science and logic. This sort of mystical stuff is interesting for me, but I tend to be sceptical. Don’t get me wrong; I do not contest the possibility of it being true. I don’t. Anything is possible. There is much that science cannot explain yet. It may never be able to explain certain things. However, I do mistrust people. Humans are crafty and have unclear motives for confounding and confusing other, more gullible humans. That is the root of my scepticism.

I read the book. It gave me a new framework to consider. However, I hesitate to consider it gospel. Make of that what you will.

Rating: ✩✩✩



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