Who’s That Girl?

[It’s Jess. #sorrynotsorry]

So, Sunday’s do may have been a waste of time, but I did have a little bit of silly fun.

Although my weight loss has been quite steady since the beginning of the year, the dramatic difference in my appearance has only become visible recently. Of course, I cannot see the difference since I see my mug in the mirror every day. But I knew that anyone who is seeing me after a while is going to do a few double takes.

I’ll be honest: I was NOT looking forward to that. [Think inveterate wallflower and you’ll understand why.]

Anyway, I met KT and his family, and he didn’t say anything. But his wife commented that I was looking good. She was on the trot, being the person of the hour, so I thought I got off lightly. But no such luck.

We were seated at a table with a bunch of their friends, all of whom I have met before. Granted, they don’t know me all that well, so I wasn’t surprised by the polite smiles and the lack of enthusiasm on greeting. Just shows what a naive idiot I can be though.

During lunch, mum asked me to get dessert for her. So I got up and walked towards the buffet, which was on the opposite end of the room. I came back with dessert in hand, and was a little taken aback by the warm smiles wreathing the faces of everyone at the table. My mother was looking like she was suppressing an almighty laugh, and seemed to be in real danger of bursting.

One of these ladies [the one I knew best of the trio] turned to me and said, “My goodness, I didn’t recognise you!” I smiled, and laughed politely. I made some deprecatory comment about my short hair, and the matter dropped.

Then mum needed the facilities, so we got up and left the room. That’s when I heard what actually transpired.

Lady, as soon as I left the table, to my mother: “Who is that person with you?!”
Mum: “Um, that’s my daughter.”
Lady, eyes bugged out: “WHAAAT?!”
Mum: “Um, yeah. You met her last year? At the baby shower?”
Lady: “My GOD. She looks so different.”
Mum: “Yeah, she’s lost about 17 kilos.”

Hearing this exchange, I chuckled a bit, but still was fairly thankful that I escaped this exchange altogether.

Then the event wound down, and the president finally got to have lunch. At our table. Where she managed to get a proper look at me.


I was told to go over, and stand in front of her. She commented, LOUDLY, on my changed appearance. What is one supposed to say to that? “OH MY GOD YOU’VE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT.” <– statement, not a question. Incoherent mumbling was my reply of choice. “YOU’RE LOOKING AMAZING.” <– embarrassing statement. Blushing and apologetic thanks was my response.


That’s the problem with this sort of situation; I don’t know how to respond. I laugh about it self-deprecatingly because that’s just me. The attention gets to be too much for me to handle, and I wish we could move on to something or someone else.

Scrutiny is not my drug of choice.


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