Project: Shirt Resuscitation Part 4

Yeah, this is an on-going enterprise.

To be fair though, after my last update in MARCH, I had finished the outlines of the flowers by mid-April. [Please excuse the photos. I am the world’s worst photographer.]

This completed the remaining flower outlines.

And here is one of all the flowers labelled.

I then moved on to plotting out the colour schemes. The flower photographs I had used for inspiration already had their own colours, so I avoided taxing my puny brain too much and picked up those colours in cotton embroidery floss. Then I had to replicate the shading on the flowers, which let me tell you is a daunting prospect.

Lots of embroidery blogs I follow suggest colouring pencils as a means to plan stitch direction, colours, and so on. So I broke out the design and tried to match the floss to the limited set of colour pencils I had. the attempt wasn’t pretty, but it sufficed for me to get an idea of how to start.

The colours look a little darker on paper, but they are quite a bit softer in floss. I had a picture of that too somewhere, but I can’t find it any more.

Hopefully my next update will be about starting on the tulips, and some progress will be visible. For the moment, I am sticking to a simple satin stitch, because the thought of mixing up the stitches boggles my mind!


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