Overly Optimistic

It has been quite a while since I met any of my friends. I think the last time I met one of them was in May, when I got back from a trip to Pune. He was taken aback by my appearance then, and the obvious weight loss that had taken place. [I think I posted his reaction on Facebook, because it was so funny, but neglected to post it here. I’ll fix that someday.]

Since then, exercise and diet has really become a part of my daily routine. I occasionally skip days in between, but those are for various extenuating circumstances. Gone are the days where I pause, and the pause becomes permanent.

However, last week we were invited to an event. [I’m not going to reiterate all that transpired there, because I’ve already done so ad nauseum.] Before that, family friends were visiting from Dubai, and they actually stopped dead in their tracks when they saw me. It was.. embarrassing. So I’m not going to get into a description of those events.

So there is all this positive praise floating around me, because I have lost 17 kilos. I know it is a considerable amount. I know that it is visible. For people seeing me after a while, it is quite a surprise too. I don’t blame any of them for their reactions.

Add to all this, I can see the changes in the mirror. My jawline is no longer obscured by several soft layers of fat. My legs have thinned out considerably, and I can see muscle definition in my outer thighs. My clothes are hanging off me. [Not exaggerating; some of my nightclothes were loose to begin with, and now I pull them over my head and my body passes through the neck hole.]

It is all very heady. Success IS heady. I very nearly got lost in that headiness.

The thing is, I am nowhere near my target: I’m only halfway there. For my height [SHORT] I need to be in the ballpark of 55 to 60 kilos. Now, I am aware that muscles weigh more than fat, and all that jazz. However, I still need to cut down on the excess weight so that there isn’t so much pressure on my joints and bones.

It was super easy to bask in all the success of reaching this point, which was hard in itself. Like I said, I nearly did. It is so easy to rest on the laurels and feel self-satisfied, accomplished, and smug. Thankfully though, I was anticipating the euphoria and jumped right back into my routine. [Oh, I forgot to mention that all this meeting up with people made me skip quite a few days.]

Then, photos from the event were sent to mom. And I still look big. Not as much as before, but the sari I was wearing didn’t help my figure any.

Head = Not swollen any more.


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