Aadhaar Slip

I had to get prints of a document today, and since my printer is out of ink I had to trot over to a local print shop. Of course, this is ample opportunity for the universe to hand me another silly situation to overhear.

There was a lady in the shop already, and she got a couple of prints of her Aadhaar card.

Lady: “I want to laminate my Aadhaar card.” *hands guy printout*
Guy: “Ok. Come collect it tomorrow.”
Lady: “I’ll send one of my students.”
Guy: “Are you sure? How will we know who to give it to?”
Lady: “He will say it is for Moron [not her real name] Ma’am. He’s tall.” *leaves*
Guy *to other staff member*: “What if we give it to someone and she says she didn’t receive it?”

And they chuckle.

The context for why this is so surprising is Indian. The Aadhaar is a somewhat controversial ID because of the security loopholes in the system. Handing it out willy nilly to people is not advisable. AT ALL. I would have thought that, being a teacher, she would be more cognisant of these risks.

But then again, she is the kind of teacher that has students run her errands. Oh well.


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