Hyper Customer

I have a list of ridiculous stories of interactions with delivery agents, which I formerly used to post on Facebook. Must remember to post those here too.

Today, I’m waiting on a grocery delivery that is supposed to come between 8:00 and 10:30 pm. At of right now, 10:15 pm, there is no sign of my delivery. So I called the customer service number, just to confirm that it was indeed happening today.

Me: “Hi. I wanted to confirm that my delivery will happen tonight.”
CS: “Please hold the line, ma’am, as I check with the driver.”

*hold music for 2 minutes*

CS: “Ma’am, the delivery person is stuck in traffic nearby, but he says he will not make the delivery after 10:30 pm, since some customers get hyper and start shouting when he is late.”
Me: “Um. I would prefer to receive my order tonight, and you can assure him that I will not shout at him if he comes after 10:30 pm.”
CS: “Ok ma’am, I will inform the driver accordingly.”

Thankfully, I was able to wait to disconnect before laughing.


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