Project: Shirt Resuscitation Part 5

[This title is getting super old. I should make a project index instead. Next project; lesson learnt.]

So I finished embroidering the tulips today! Wheeee! I’m stoked about making some actual, visible progress on this thing.

I also managed to fill in my project journal, so I can read about my progress later on. [I saw someone else do it, and while I am nowhere as good as they are at journalling, I think it’s a sweet idea.]

I took this picture this afternoon, as I started on the third tulip. My stitches aren’t the neatest, to be honest, but that’s the whole point of doing this on a throwaway tee. My mother is ready to rip my head off for expending so much effort on it though, because she thinks it is turning out beautifully. Moms be crazy, yo.


I drew out the flowers from photographs I saw on Google, and used thread tracing to transfer it onto the shirt. Then, coloured in my palette on paper, trying to replicate the shading. Failed abysmally, as you will soon see. But that’s the good thing about a personal project; you get to muck it up as you learn. So I’m not sweating it too much.

So there it is. I hope the next update won’t be quite so far away.


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