Project: Racing Stripes

I am notoriously bad about documenting anything I do when I am in the throes of doing it, so of course I do not have before pictures of today’s project.

The project today was a beat up pair of trainers. They weren’t beat up because of extensive use, but by the virtue of being shunted around the various cities I have lived, being buried under a pile of other shoes, and the like. Last month, I pulled them out for use when I go to the market, since the market is full of uneven flagstones, and I needed a thicker sole on light footwear to save my feet and ankles from extreme abuse.

The shoes originally has three metallic stripes down each side: the centre one in a light purple and the two flanking that stripe in a pewter shade. Both colours were metallic and pastel. However, due to the wear I mentioned before, the colour started flaking off.

Now, I am no diva nor fashionista, but I draw the line at looking shabby. So peeling shoes was not my idea of acceptable. The shoes themselves are serviceable, so I thought I’d try painting them.

So I did. And here they are.

racing-stripesThey look rather cheerful now, and overall I am pleased with the way they turned out.


Ms. Fixit

Do you ever have favourite comfy home clothes that become ratty and tattered, but you don’t want to throw out because they are the comfiest things you own? I do. Several pairs of cotton sleep shorts which I love with my whole heart.

I may have just confessed to being in love with shorts. I can live with that.

Anyway. My mother has been on a mission to delete those pairs of shorts from my life. And I have resisted, claiming that they were irreplaceable. The shorts were bought at a fair in Goa, from an export surplus kiosk. Calling it a temporary structure is being very generous. The originals from the US would cost me a bomb to buy, so yeah no way was I giving up my ratty clothes.

Then, an Indian brand decides to launch sleep shorts too. And now I have a whole new set of them. With matching tees! So I had to think fast to save my shorts.

So I darned them. I have spent the last day and a half darning clothes. A talent, by the way, I didn’t know I had. I have had an enduring interest in embroidery, but I haven’t really done too much with it.

The other achievement of the week was a newish top that I had bought, but whose lace tore on a sharp edge somewhere. The lace was in a panel on the back, and looked awful. Mum and I stopped by a lace shop nearby, and got a long strip to be put in sections in its place. However, the tailor made a mess of the whole thing, so I had to undo it, and redo it. And it turned out really well!

The escapades above have engendered a little more confidence in my crafting abilities, and I think I will actually get around to tackling the projects I have shelved for years. Once I get around to them, I will post photos on here too. Yay! So excited.