Right now, this is me. Subject to change without warning.

Staring at a blank page invariably means I have no idea where to start. I have all these jostling thoughts and desires in my mind, and I’ve been wanting to DO something with them for the longest time. To write again for pleasure. For the pleasure of watching my thoughts becoming words on the page, and growing slowly and steadily into a story. Since this is a blog, the story is obviously about me.

I have tried several times to create a website. Sometimes I think I want a writer’s site, with all the trimmings. All professional-like. Then I remember my writing style isn’t really conducive to that. So I stop. Right now, I have a custom domain, with hosting, which I have no intention of using any longer. I’ve scrapped the idea of trying to setup a site on my own immediately, and start small with a hosted blog. Yay.

I am a writer, or so I keep telling people. Welcome to my life.

Edit #1 [27/11/2015]: Predictably (for me at least), the course of this blog has changed since it was born. I initially hoped to write scintillating bits of prose, and this was meant to be an outlet for my supposed creative genius. That didn’t happen.

Now I’ve realised that this is my therapy of sorts. There are things I want to say, and Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes Instagram, are just not the right fora for my thoughts. An obscure blog, which I don’t publicise at all, is.

However, primarily, this blog is serving to reconnect me to my love of writing. Of weaving words in into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs without having to consider audiences and their level of language. I feel my skill has far receded, eroded by a constant onslaught of incorrect grammar and a deliberate dumbing down. I hope to recover lost ground, and once again feel the smooth flow of words issue from my pen (or keyboard).

This isn’t meant to be elitist at all; merely a reflection. I spend too much time being teased for what once was considerable control over language. I’m afraid it may even be too late to recover the ground, but for the sake of my sanity, I must try.


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